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  • De:Lay Forte
    De:Lay Forte

    This caring product was invented to...

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Mens Toys

Here you will find toys for him like

penis rings and sleeves, enlargers,

condoms and other...

Mens Toys 

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  • Cockrings

    Here you will find cock rings and vibro cock rings.

  • Butt Plugs

    Here you will find prostage plugs and vibro prostage plugs.

  • Masturbatos

    Here you will find masturbatos and vibro masturbatos.

    From very simple to replicas!

  • Penis Pumps

    Here you will find penis pumps and enlargers.

    Vacuum and vibration for greater enjoyment!

  • Condoms

    Here you will find condoms collections.

  • Penis Sleeves

    Here you will find penis sleeves.

  • Strap-On for Him

    For erection problems or largest size.

  • Delay Products

    Here you will find delay ejaculation